CBI Vigilance Crime Branch to investigate Safai Darogao

(The month of the cleaning workers is tied, they are extorting through spoons)

East Delhi March 23 / Hinduist BJP leader Mr. Raju Chandel while talking to reporters in Delhi said that most of the cleaning staff in the Municipal Corporation of Delhi are kept after a month by the Inspector and they mark their attendance with their spoons and have given them registers. And get the raw employees to clean the beats of 3 employees and keep their ATMs with them by taking money from confirmed employees and some regular employees and have tied their month. Roots are frozen and cleaning mafia is working behind all this, this inspector inspector also sends money to some union people so that they keep their tongue shut.

Mr. Chandel said that Inspector Sushil Kumar of Ghonda Chowk has left many employees on a month’s leave, some leaders have also taken care of them and they are on the post of sweepers, they do not come to work, similarly Karawal Nagar Sherpur Chowk The inspector has also given his chamcha a register and entrusted him with the responsibility of marking the attendance of innumerable cleaning staff and the ATM cards will be available to the cleaning staff in this chamcha’s house and when it is the chamcha month, he himself withdraws the salary of the employees tied up on the month of Lohri and their They give a part to the employees, the inspector inspector together give it to some union people. In this way, corruption is going on all over Delhi. There is a great need to curb this biggest corruption. running in

Mr. Chandel said that all the attendance should be secretly checked by the crime branch in the business, the employee who does not attend that attendance, Inspector Chamchas should be dismissed and the houses of the chamchas should be raided from their homes, government registers and ATMs etc. All these corrupt people will be immediately dismissed from the jobs of Municipal Corporation of Delhi.

Mr. Chandel said that most of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi sanitation workers do not have any staff at 2:30 pm, all the employees run away to their homes after marking morning attendance, this should also be seriously investigated by CBI Vigilance. so that the milk of milk becomes water of water

Mr. Chandel complained about this to the officers of Delhi’s Vigilance and Crime Branch and asked them to go to the bottom of this corruption as soon as possible and investigate the guilty officers, arrest Inspector Chamcho.

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