felicitated the family members of the freedom struggle fighters. The students and the students presented the patriotic peeps through the songs.


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Jarwal Bahraich (Sangyan News).After defeating the first tricolor at the Vikaskhand HQ, engineer Vipendra Pratap Singh chief and Satya Prakash Pandey section development officer namaned the Tricolour after the national anthem.

Engineer Vipendra Pratap Singh Chief and Satya Prakash Pandey Section Development Officer felicitated over a dozen freedom struggle fighters with Jagannatha Singh Barwalis, Sayyid Zafar Mehandi Jarwal, Vitana Devi, a first Gram Panchayat Dhanashree resident of Sushil Mishra “Sabbu Bhaiyya”, Pandit Ashok Mishra “Anna Bhaiyya”, senior journalist with a wreath laying ceremony of Jagannath Singh Barwalis, Sayyid Zafar Mehandi Jarwal, Vitana Devi.

Junior high school student and girl student set up at Gram Panchayat Parsohar took the mind of the people through Natya conversion after singing the welcome song. Bhavya Vibhor hokar Satya Prakash Pandey Khand Vikas Adhikari also honored all the student and girl students by award. The program was conducted by Mohammed Asif teacher.

Addressing the people, engineer Vipendra Pratap Singh said that freedom struggle fighters had an important participation in the freedom of the country so all those revolutionaries were made aware of my shatt Naman, also the people of Uttar Pradesh government’s plans.

Sushil Kumar Mishra, who belongs to the family of fighters, “Sabbu Bhaiyya” said that when we were Dash year old, we often heard AI from Baba Ji’s Mukharvind that Babuji was tortured a lot during jail visit but he never accepted the slavery of the British and sustained O protest of English rule at village level We are proud of such ancestors.

Pandit Ashok Mishra, who belongs to the family of freedom struggle fighters, “Anna Bhaiyya” senior journalist said that Dhanashree village has always been in discussion. Whether it has been a fight for freedom or an issue of development by Dada and Baba he always used to say that the day was not far when the British will go from this country of ours and we people will see the creation of a good India by being independent maybe that dream is now shown by this Uttar Pradesh government who has been honored in such a way by calling the family members of the freedom struggle fighters the government is eligible for thanks.

At the end of the program Satya Prakash Pandey Section Development Officer thanked all the people who came and that the program which is going on of my Mati Mera Desh is o commendable to follow all the employees continuously.

On the occasion: Santosh Kumar Singh Khand Shiksha Adhikari JarwalRoad, Shailesh Kumar Engineer, Sanjay Kumar Engineer, Jitendra Kumar, Parikshit Yadav APO, Vikas Kumar Singh Panchayat Secretary, Shweta Gupta Panchayat Secretary, Mandvi Verma Panchayat Secretary, Monu Singh Area Panchayat Member along with thousands of people were also present.

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